Prairie Dreaming

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  • Limited Editions: 100
    Limited Editions Available: 100

    Everyone has a place where they can go. A place where they can unwind from the stress of life and just get away. For me that place is The Bottoms.

    Each season presents its own unique features. The angle of the sun changes with the seasons. The prairie grass begins to grow and wildflowers spring up over the entire prairie. Turning the savannah into painted picture.

    With the sun about to set I hiked the prairie in search of that perfect shot. I wanted to capture part of the oak savannah with the phlox scattered amongst the prairie for as far as the eye could see. As the sun set the clouds turned into a golden color, as if a link between the heavens and my lens created a connection. It cast a warm glow over the prairie, giving a warm inviting feeling to the summer evening.

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