Falls Of Bliss

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  • Limited Editions: 100
    Limited Editions Available: 100

    With nearly record rainfall for the month of June I knew I would have my opportunity at a shot I had been attempting for so long. I headed towards trip falls in hope to catch the waterfall full of water.

    I walked up the creek as the rain fell all around me. The leaves dripped as the creek rushed past. Approaching the falls I heard the distant echoing rush of water cascading through the gorge. After photographing the first part of the waterfall I decided to climb it and head into the canyon.

    Walking through the creek at the top of the waterfall you walk through a canyon. Just around the bend the two other sections of the waterfall appeared before me. It was an elegant dance of water cascading down the cliffs. With the all the rain it gave the waterfall the extra character I was looking for, and in the distance the muggy mist set the mood.

    In a few hours the rain passed and the creek turned back into a trickle. Completely changing the scene and feel to this place.

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