Cana Island Dreaming

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    Wisconsin is so diverse when it comes to landscapes. It is so epic here. From the hills and bluff country of The Driftless, to the central farmland, the northern forests, the shores of Lake Superior, and the Peninsula of Door County. Door County has its own unique feel unlike anywhere else I have ever been. It is like the East Coast but with all the charm of the Midwest.

    It is a peninsula full of amazing food, cherry orchards, vineyards, farmland, and some of the most beautiful landscapes in Wisconsin. One of these iconic features is the lighthouses that guide the ships of Lake Michigan. One that stands out as one of the most iconic is the Cana Island Lighthouse located on the northeast shore of Door County.

    With a vision in mind I set out for the lighthouse in the evening. I knew I wanted to capture the Milky Way Galaxy with the lighthouse. With water levels high in Lake Michigan it partially covered the gravel road leading to the island. Wading through the water I made my way to the lighthouse. I set up in the field and waited for the moon to dip below the horizon.

    As the moon faded below the horizon the Milky Way Galaxy positioned itself between the lighthouse and the chimney of the living quarters. Pressing the shutter I captured the light from the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. Light that took over 25,000 years to reach my eyes and the sensor of my camera. What was revealed to me there in the quiet solitude of the dark sent a rush through me. The lighthouse standing tall, a beacon in the night, with the Milky Way Galaxy glowing behind it.

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